Maxwell Feinstein - BetaMax


Maxwell Feinstein - BetaMax


BetaMax was filmed in front of a live social media audience

Track Listing:

1: Drone

2: Spratz

3: Shade of the Trees

BetaMax was recorded at Silver Horse Sound in Hoboken, NJ November 2018-June 2019

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Produced by Maxwell Feinstein and Jake Sachs

Engineered by John Roccesano, Maxwell Feinstein, and Benjamin Scott 

Mixing and Mastering by Jake Sachs 

All songs were written by Maxwell D. Feinstein 

Featuring performances by:

Maxwell Feinstein: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Kalimba, and Sound Design

Benjamin Scott: Bass Guitar (1,2)

Jack Breslin: Fretless Bass (3)

Chris Kelly: 12 string Bass (3)

Nick Potters: Drums (1,2), Percussion (3), and Keyboards 

Mike Kuzan: Keyboards (1)

John Roccesano: Drums (3)

Backing Vocals for Drone graciously provided by Jake Sachs, Christopher Smith, and Michael Guevarez

Additional choral arrangement on Drone by Jake Sachs

Artwork by Samantha Benvissuto 

Released on TLN Records

Section of Gratitude:

To Jake Sachs for getting me off my read end.  Without your steadfast belief and constant agitation, this collection of songs may not have been recorded. Here's to 17 years of friendship. 

To Mike Kuzan and The Latest Noise for giving me a platform to grow and express myself, and for being an incredible friend

To Samantha Bennvisito for kicking my ass and collaborating on great artwork. 

To my partners at Silver Horse, Johnny, and Ben, for being amazing friends and chasing my windmills with me. 

To the musicians in the Hoboken music scene for inspiring me to express myself 

To Sylvana Joyce for helping me appreciate the sensuality of musical performance 

Additional acknowledgment to Kurt Morgan, Sukhi Gill, Nick Porcaro, Nick Potters, Jason Dozer, Ben Phillips, and my friends at Reverend Guitars for impacting my life during the recording of this collection, and to anyone else who believes in me and encouraged my pursuits over the years.

Most of all, I would like to thank my wife, Zoewy, for being the catalyst for the growth catalogued on this release.