Artist Spotlight: Ross Sandler Live! At White Eagle Hall

Ross Sandler

Funky, soulful and from the heart. Ross brings it together whether its rock to reggae or funk to softness and does it all with soul and love.


Don't Stop

Release date: 2016

Ross Sandler is a Jersey City singer/songwriter. His background as a dancer influences his music where groove and heart and paramount. Funky and soulful, rocking and soft--Ross explores the gamut of emotions. His music is a reflection of life when upbeat tunes like Hello, Soul Matters and Have To explore how self love and self doubt co-exist. The ballad, I'm To Blame, explores despair surrounded by hope. Mixed and recorded tightly by John Roccessano at Silver Horse Sound and mastered at Friggin Fabulous by Nick Ciavatta this album pops. Ross plays the guitars and does most vocals, but appearances by John Roccessano, Tom Mullaney, Alex Heitzenrater, Joe AllOne, Maxwell Feinstein and Abby Rae provide a half hour of fun music. Don't Stop is a savvy and unique blend of old school with new style, and pop music may just be coming in Ross' direction. This is unlike anything you have heard. Ross hopes you love it!



Kuz interviewed Ross on 3/18/18 to discuss the 4/27 White Eagle Hall show, his album 'Don't Stop', his musical journey and the current state of music on the scene.