Announcing The Latest Noise Artist Development Workshops


The Latest Noise Artist Development Workshop: Booking gigs and promoting events effectively

MARCH 10, 2018.  12pm - 3pm NONLINEAR STUDIOS.

The Latest Noise is hosting an artist development workshop on Saturday, March 10 from 12pm to 3pm at Nonlinear Knitting Studio (195 New York Ave, unit 3E, Jersey City)


The workshop is lead by Mike Kuzan (Kuz) of The Latest Noise.The goal of this workshop is to teach musicians how to grow their music career and create new opportunities. For this workshop we will teach you how to book gigs and then how to present the event effectively online to get people out to your show. Gerry Rosenthal ( is our very special guest and will give us his valuable insight on booking gigs from his years of experience and success.

Creating A Life In Music

1) MUSIC + GIGS = Foundation

This is the necessary part of the equation, the music has to be good and you grow as a musician and increase your exposure to fans when you play gigs.  This is work but shouldn’t feel like it.

2) CONTENT + SOCIAL = Awareness

This is about capturing and displaying what you and your music is about to an audience.  The content should be consistent and created with purpose.  It should be released with intention and with goals.  This is work and it sometimes feels like it. 

3). FANS + MERCH = Growth

This is how to support your ability to make music and play gigs.  Developing your voice as an artist and/or a band is the key to engaging your fanbase and allowing them to invest in your growth.  If they see something in what you are doing they will support you... if you let them.  This is work and will feel like work. 

When you find a way to align all three of these things you create

A Life in Music. 


Workshop Schedule

12:00pm-12:15 - Meet and Greet / Coffee

12:15 - 12:30 - Introducton with Kuz: "Booking more gigs"

12:30-1:15 - Discussion: Mike Kuzan and Gerry Rosenthal will have a discussion on booking gigs and cover topics such as reaching out to venues, what to ask for, creating the right setlist, what to do to get asked back, how often to book a show and a whole lot more!

1:15 - 1:25 - Break

1:25-2:00 - Walkthrough with Kuz: Mike Kuzan will show you exaclty what you need to create for an event, using free and easy to use tools available online. It is encouraged for you to bring a laptop so you can follow along and create your own content! He will also cover strategies to use to get people out to your event and how to use the insights from previous events to make your next event stand out even more!

2:10-2:40 - Q&A with Mike Kuzan & Gerry Rosenthal, here's your chance to ask specific questions about your bands strategy, social media, website and anything else you'd like!

2:40 - 3:00pm - Closing remarks and networking


Saturday March 10, 2018 from 12pm - 3pm. Tickets are $30.