Jersey City Theater Center: The Box - Fear Edition

Jersey City Theater Center's season runs from September to June which includes three distinct thematic series.  This season opened with the theme of Fear.    "We are are committed to inspiring conversations about the important topics of our times through progressive and invasive performing and visual arts programming that embrace diversity of Jersey City, bringing its community closer together and improves quality of life for all." - Olga Levina (Artistic Director)

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The Walk To White Eagle

There are a bunch of cool spots to check out on the way from downtown Grove St. to White Eagle Hall.  The Latest Noise caught up with members of Big Wake, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Christina Alessi & The Toll Collectors, Smoke and Mirror Routine, Jaime Rose and James Calleo to hear about their favorite spots along the way.

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The Latest Noise at White Eagle Hall




Big Wake is led by Gerry Rosenthal (Lead Vocals / Guitar) and features Jeff Fernandes (Drums), Eitan Levine (Keys) and Marty O'Kane (Bass).  Gerry Rosenthal is a staple of the Jersey City and Hoboken music scenes and you can see him performing all over town.   He hosts a bi-weekly jam at The Village Pourhouse as well as performing with his Beatle's cover band "Hey Bulldog", multiple ALEO Productions including, 'The Last Waltz', 'The Led Zeppelin Engagement' and 'The David Bowie Engagement' and countless other solo/duo/trio gigs all around town.  Big Wake performed at The Latest Noise Live! Fall 2016 showcase. 

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show? 

Gerry: Really looking forward to playing on a big stage with an awesome sound system in a great sounding room, but I think the biggest thrill for me will be getting to see all my favorite bands from this scene on the same bill, and knowing that Big Wake was a part of it. It's a very tight-knit, very encouraging scene and such a pleasure to be part of this early opportunity for local bands at a venue like WEH.

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

We have a few gigs in early 2018, but would mostly want to plug our album Big Wake on Spotify/Soundcloud, as well as our single Why We Belong on Spotify.

TLN: What are you looking to do with Big Wake in 2018?

To FINALLY release our follow up album, entitled Why We Belong.



Sylvana Joyce & The Moment are set to release their second full length album, 'Heavyhead' on 12/16/17 along with a headlining show at Maxwell's Tavern.   This Friday night you can get a preview of the album and take in the theatrical wonder of SJ&TM at White Eagle Hall.   You can also catch Sylvana perform at JCTC's The Box: Fear Edition on 12/8/17.   Sylvana has slayed past ALEO Productions including "The Amy Winehouse Engagement" "The Queens of Soul" and "ALEO At The W".  SJ&TM Performed at The Latest Noise Live Fall 2016 showcase.  SJ&TM features Sean-David Cunningham (Violin), Chris Smith (Guitar), Jack Breslin (Bass), Ben Krupit (Horns) and Jeremy Sauber (Drums) .

Vultures, live at Chemistry Creative Studios in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York; performed by Sylvana Joyce + The Moment on December 9th, 2016.

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show?  

Sylvana: I'm just looking forward to being able to play a big stage. It's not an every day thing for our "little engine that could", and we're going to savor every minute. I'm also looking forward to some intimate moments backstage with our music crew, and just enjoying each other's company.

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

Sylvana: YOU KNOW!

I have a hee-yuge album release show coming up. It's been a whirlwind (and I'm sure will continue to be) organizing all the moving parts, and I can't wait to share the night with you all. Not for nothing, I'm sharing the bill with dear friends Kelsey and Corey, who are musical wizards. Gonna be a great night. Saturday Dec. 16 8pm Maxwell's Tavern.  Facebook Event Page

TLN: What are you looking to do with SJ&TM in 2018?

Sylvana: I'm usually a "look 5 years ahead" kinda gal, but to be honest, I don't really know. I kind of want to give birth to this album and see what comes of it first. Maybe it'll be nothing, and that's really okay - to me, releasing the album into the world is going to feel amazing regardless of how many people end up listening to it.

That being said, I do have a project in the works, and I hope it can be done by next year - I've begun to write a musical based on the music from "Heavyhead" (my new album) based on a modern retelling of the story of Medusa. I'm greatly inspired by the themes discussed within it, and I feel like I'm really gaining insight into my message as an artist and what I want to bring to the world.



Christina Alessi leads the Toll Collectors with her stunning vocals and fearless command of the stage.  Christina will be releasing a limited run special edition solo EP on 12/1/17 at the show.  Recently she performed in the Pink Floyd tribute set for 'The Ghost Of Uncle Joe's'.  The Toll Collectors have performed at multiple Hoboken Arts & Music Festivals and all members are involved in ALEO Productions including 'The Last Waltz', 'The Amy Winehouse Engagement' and more! The Toll Collectors performed at The Latest Noise Live! Summer 2017 showcase.  The Toll Collectors include Jonathan Andrew (Bass), Sean David Cunningham (Violin), Mari Byrd (Mandolin), Ty Tuschen (Guitar), Pierre Marceau (Guitar) and Josh Bicknell (Drums). 

Christina is a singer/ songwriter whose influences draw deeply from classic rock, folk, and old blues and soul. She loves music that you can feel in your bones and lyrics that haunt you. 

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show?  

Christina:  I’m so excited to bring our music to a larger venue and audience. I always love performing but a new stage adds an element of excitement that we are stoked to experience.  I’m also looking forward to sharing the stage with folks I love and admire. 

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

Christina:  I’ll be releasing a solo EP at the show. Each sleeve is hand painted and as such every one is unique. I wanted to add this personal touch for this show in particular to highlight our grassroots element.  My songs are honest and come from my heart. So do my paintings. I love being able to connect with our audience in a musical and visual way. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.

TLN: What are you looking to do with The Toll Collectors in 2018?

Christina:  In 2018, I hope to get The Toll Collectors in studio to do our first full band record. I’m also looking forward to performing  at our regular spots like Finnegan's (Hoboken) and Maxfields on Main (Boonton), as well as adding new venues to our circle.



Smoke and Mirror Routine are coming off shows at Finnegan's Pub and Maxwell's Tavern in Hoboken.  Thomas Fishman is the lead guitarist for SMR as well as being part of past Latest Noise events and performing with up and coming songwriters Viktor, Darryl Joo and Michael Rodgers.  SMR has been part of The Latest Noise Live! Spring 2016 and Fall 2017 showcases.  SMR is Tommy D'Ambola (Drums), Thomas Fishman (Guitar), John Longo (Bass) and Mike Kuzan (Keys).

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show?  

Fishman: I mean, just this venue and this stage...holy cow. To get up there for a local crowd is so exciting. And definitely psyched to be part of a bill that features all these acts on the same night. That doesn’t usually happen. It's gonna blow people's minds. 

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

Fishman: We're planning to record this winter and finally have semi-official versions of songs we've been playing and honing for a few years now. So keep a lookout for that. And we also have really nice, thin cotton hoodies, if that’s your thing. Very breathable. Just in time for the holidays. 

TLN: What are you looking to do with SMR in 2018?

Fishman: WRITE. We have so much backed up material that needs attention, and it’s going to take us in some interesting directions. Hopefully we can start to share some of it live in the coming months and will have a new body of work to share in the Spring bloom.



Jaime Rose released their debut EP 'Nowhere' last year which was recorded at Silver Horse Sound in Hoboken, NJ.  Jaime Rose is the lead singer and songwriter who brings her rock and roll attitude and blends it with her soulful voice and harmonies by the band.  Jaime has performed in many ALEO Productions including 'The Last Waltz', 'Queens of Soul' and 'The Led Zeppelin Engagement'.  Jaime Rose is Jaime DeJesus (Bass), Maxwell Feinstein (Guitar) John Roccesano (Drums) and Mike Kuzan (Keys).  Jaime Rose performed at The Latest Noise Spring 2017 showcase.

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show?  

Jaime: I am excited to play a new venue, especially a good sized one with a great sound. I’m very excited to debut some new material with new instrumentation.  I’m excited to share the experience with great bands I am friends with and admire. I always look forward to playing in front of new people who have never heard us before. 

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

Jaime: We are playing Pet Shop Tuesday 12/12. We are always plugging the Jaime Rose EP “Nowhere”, which is available on iTunes,, google music store, spotify and most music distribution websites. We also have digital downloads available at live shows. We are working on new march, videos and new recordings, which leads to…..

TLN: What are you looking to do with Jaime Rose in 2018?

Jaime: In 2018 - New songs, new recordings, new videos, and more gigs! FULL STEAM AHEAD.


James Calleo released his eponymous debut album in 2017.  James musical journey takes you through a wide range of genres and styles influenced from his travels.  James teaches yoga in the area and shares his music among the yoga community as well.  The band includes Jack Breslin (Bass) and John Roccesano (Drums).  James has been featured in past ALEO Productions including 'The Led Zeppelin Engagment' James performed at The Latest Noise Live Spring Showcase. 

TLN: What are you looking forward to the most about The White Eagle Hall show?  

James:  When White Eagle Hall first announced itself, I said to my friends, my goal is to play it. Not Webster Hall, not the Bowery Ballroom, but White Eagle Hall. To play a venue of this caliber in my own county is special. All the while realizing, this is just a taste.

TLN:  What would you like to share with The Latest Noise audience?

James:  I might be releasing a few country style tunes with Big Wake as the backing band.

TLN: What are you looking to do with your music in 2018?

James:  I'm looking to play more shows as a band in 2018. I had a little preview of what life on the road feels like with a mini 3 day tour back in October and hoping to expand upon it. There will be an album. There might be a country album as well.


Press Release


Friday, December 1, 2017 8pm



JERSEY CITY, NJ  -- Local label and promoter The Latest Noise has announced an event at premier Jersey City live music venue White Eagle Hall to showcase six of the area’s most exciting, rising live music acts in a single night of music on December 1st, doors opening at 8p.

The monster lineup, including JAMES CALLEO, JAMIE ROSE, SMOKE AND MIRROR ROUTINE, CHRISTINA ALESSI & THE TOLL COLLECTORS, SYLVANA JOYCE & THE MOMENT and BIG WAKE, brings an eclectic array of phenomenal talent, sounds and styles to a single stage. Live music fans, who may have seen individual members of these acts at local venues, Hoboken Music & Arts Festivals, ALEO Productions and other assorted jams, will be treated to a can’t-miss opportunity to see them with their full bands performing all original, soul-rattling music using the state-of-the-art sound and acoustics complement offered by the gorgeously restored and renovated White Eagle Hall theater.

White Eagle Hall (337 Newark Ave) has drawn significant buzz and attendance with recent and soon-to-perform acts including DRIVE BY TRUCKERS, THE BODEANS, NEW FOUND GLORY, MOTHER, BOUNCING SOULS and THE MOUNTAIN GOATS. The Latest Noise partnership represents an effort by Talent Buyer Heath Miller to continue to extend the venue’s relationships into the local artist community and music scene. Heath is excited about the prospects of local talent at White Eagle Hall, “music is a community and I look forward to supporting the Jersey City and Hoboken musicians and fans. I look forward to seeing local bands getting really big and selling out this place and their friends opening up for them.”

The Latest Noise is a record label and promotional apparatus for musicians headed by Mike Kuzan. “TLN” curates a quarterly artist showcase at famed Hoboken venue Maxwell’s Tavern, in addition to presenting several weekly open mic nights in the neighborhood. TLN also curates a quarterly emerging artist mixtape you can hear at many local Hoboken and Jersey City businesses. Kuzan adds, “We are excited to bring some of the most dynamic, accomplished and hungry bands in our area to White Eagle Hall and can’t wait to showcase this talent to our community.”

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Find out more about White Eagle Hall HERE.

Hudson Folk Festival Spotlight Series Interview

The First Annual Hudson West Folk Festival will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at Cathedral Hall, located at 380 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, NJ.  Hudson West is Jersey City's first major folk festival will feature 13 musical artists--national and regional--as well as musical workshops, cultural vendors, food, drink and a full bar.  The Latest Noise chatted with festival organizer George "Gidge" Miller and local musician Abbie Garner to get their perspective on the festival.  

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Roots, Rhythm & Soul Tour Spotlight Series Interview

The Latest Noise also highlights bands outside of our area to get a new perspective on all the aspects of performing music, touring & and promoting. When Andrew Green (Banjo - Roosevelt Dime) reached out it sounded like a great opportunity to interview and learn from 3 band currently touring the East. The tour is coming to Maxwell's Tavern on 6/28/17. The first part of the interview is about the booking and touring process with Andrew. The second part takes a look at the bands and what they are trying to get out of this 2-week tour.

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The Greatest View Spotlight Series Interview

The Greatest View, from Houston, TX is David Upp's music project. The Greatest View combines elements of classic instrumentation and modern digital sounds to create a unique soundscape to back Upp's lyrics and vocals. Recently they took a trip to NYC to film a live video in Central Park for their song 'Paris'. During the trip The Latest Noise spent time with the band and this is the resulting interview:

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James Calleo Spotlight Series Interview

James Calleo is a gifted songwriter who covers universal topics of communication understanding and love. He is a world traveller and yogi. This past year James has been honing his sound performing in a wide variety of venues from Maxwell’s Tavern, Finnegan's Irish Pub, yoga studios and a gothic church in Hoboken that was built in 1872. He has also been hard at work on his album. The Latest Noise talked to James as he nears his album release and show in April. This interview was published on 3/9/17. 

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Silver Horse Sound Spotlight Series Interview

It’s important to view a music scene through more than just one lens. The musicians are, of course, an integral piece to a successful music scene. Equally important are the people who produce, record and mix the music and build an environment for the musicians to create in. John Roccesano, Max Feinstein and Benjamin Scott of Silver Horse Sound have built an environment which does exactly that. The Latest Noise digs into their background, what they worked on in 2016 and what they are looking to expand upon this year. This interview was conducted on 2/8/17.

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The Saturators Spotlight Series Interview

The Saturators bring their unique blend of Dancehall, Reggae, Funk, Hip-hop and Afrobeat, which they call “Wet Music”, to Maxwell’s Tavern on 12/31/16. Put on your red shoes and get ready to MOVE! The ticket includes a 5-hour premium open bar, 2-hour food buffet and a champagne toast at midnight! TLN got the scoop from Misha “Silky” Savage (guitar / vox) to learn more about the band and what “Wet Music” is all about. This interview was conducted on 12/28/16.

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Sylvana Joyce Spotlight Series Interview

Sylvana Joyce and the Moment are performing a very special show this Friday night (12/9/16) in Brooklyn, New York. The Latest Noise sat down with Sylvana to discuss her background and how mixing elements of the theater, lighting and music create a powerful experience. This interview was conducted on 12/7/16.

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