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TLN Artist Development Workshop: Pedalboards with Maxwell Feinstein

  • Silver Horse Sound 47a Harrison Street Hoboken, NJ, 07030 United States (map)

Max Feinstein – Pedalboard workshop

Join Max on Thursday March 28 at 7pm at Silver Horse Sound for an interactive workshop on Pedalboards. We will begin teaching about the basics of pedals and combining the pedals to create your pedalboard.

Key understanding: You’ll play better if you have a more reliable tone.

ALL Patreon Artist Development Members get access to workshops and videos each month, including this one!

Essential Skills –

  1. Critically listening for tone.

  2. How to reliably dial in tones (especially in a live setting).

Essential Understandings –

  1. How compressors and EQs work

  2. An understanding and examples of the following categories of pedals:

    1. Ambient

      1. Reverb

      2. Delay

    2. Dynamic

      1. Overdrive

      2. Compressors

    3. Tone-shaping

      1. EQs

    4. Modulation

      1. Chorus

      2. Phaser

    5. Filter

      1. Wah