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Hudson Folk Festival Spotlight Series Interview

The First Annual Hudson West Folk Festival will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at Cathedral Hall, located at 380 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, NJ.  Hudson West is Jersey City's first major folk festival will feature 13 musical artists--national and regional--as well as musical workshops, cultural vendors, food, drink and a full bar.  The Latest Noise chatted with festival organizer George "Gidge" Miller and local musician Abbie Garner to get their perspective on the festival.  

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Roots, Rhythm & Soul Tour Spotlight Series Interview

The Latest Noise also highlights bands outside of our area to get a new perspective on all the aspects of performing music, touring & and promoting. When Andrew Green (Banjo - Roosevelt Dime) reached out it sounded like a great opportunity to interview and learn from 3 band currently touring the East. The tour is coming to Maxwell's Tavern on 6/28/17. The first part of the interview is about the booking and touring process with Andrew. The second part takes a look at the bands and what they are trying to get out of this 2-week tour.

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The Greatest View Spotlight Series Interview

The Greatest View, from Houston, TX is David Upp's music project. The Greatest View combines elements of classic instrumentation and modern digital sounds to create a unique soundscape to back Upp's lyrics and vocals. Recently they took a trip to NYC to film a live video in Central Park for their song 'Paris'. During the trip The Latest Noise spent time with the band and this is the resulting interview:

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James Calleo Spotlight Series Interview

James Calleo is a gifted songwriter who covers universal topics of communication understanding and love. He is a world traveller and yogi. This past year James has been honing his sound performing in a wide variety of venues from Maxwell’s Tavern, Finnegan's Irish Pub, yoga studios and a gothic church in Hoboken that was built in 1872. He has also been hard at work on his album. The Latest Noise talked to James as he nears his album release and show in April. This interview was published on 3/9/17. 

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Deaf Rhino Spotlight Series Interview

Deaf Rhino are a band to be reckoned with. They are not afraid to carve out their own space and harness the raw emotional power of rock and roll. Not often do bands have the guts, patience, desire and attitude to pull it off.  Deaf Rhino is quickly making it’s case as a band that you should invest in now. The Latest Noise profiles Deaf Rhino for its first feature Spotlight Series, at a time when Deaf Rhino is closing one chapter in their history and beginning the next. This interview was conducted on 10/30/16.

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