The Latest Premiere: The Spirits. ' The Perfect U (Messenger) '

The Spirits. 'The Perfect U (Messenger)'

Listen to the first single from The Spirits. 'The Perfect U (Messenger)'

The Spirits. are Matt Mitchell and Gregg Sgarlata.  The duo formed in the summer of 2016 and have been crafting their unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic production.   The lead single is an immediate ear grabber as it quickly builds to a pulsing chorus and keeps you moving the rest of the way.     Gregg explains, "The Perfect U is a journey about self realization. The real you has always, is always, and will always be there if you listen to yourself and go inward. In this song, they are messengers for those who are knowingly or unknowingly trapped inside their own heads; who need a journey inward to find out who they are."


 'The Perfect U (Messenger)' was also remixed by Matt Pelosi.