The Latest Noise Podcast Preview

The Latest Noise Podcast interview with Max Feinstein at Silver Horse Sound. 

We sat down with Max and his bandmates John Roccesano, Ty Tuschen and Jaime DeJesus to talk about Max's gig at Finnegan's Irish Pub on Jan. 5, 2018.  This is a preview of The Latest Noise Podcast.  Stay tuned for more! 

Interview recorded on 1/3/18 at Silver Horse Sound w/ Maxwell Feinstein, John Roccesano, Ty Tuschen and Jaime DeJesus
See Max live at Finnegan's Irish Pub on Friday, January 5, 2018. 

See Max live at Finnegan's Irish Pub on Friday, January 5, 2018. 

This Weekend in Music & More

This Weekend in Music & More!

Thursday 11/16
7:30pm - Symposia Open Mic Night at Symposia Bookstore

7:30pm - Heart of Soul at Northern Soul Kitchen & Bar w/ Randy Mortonand Billy Frank

8:00pm - Maxwell's Blues Series: Albert Cummings with Kristen Wilkens

8:00pm - Spaghetti Sessions Songwriter Showcase: Live at The Parlourwith Glen ColemanSylvana JoyceSidney WhelanFrank Ippolito & Ariel Guidry

8:00pm - Mike Buscio at Hoboken Turtle Club

Friday 11/17
6:30pm - Michale Graves (former Misfits vocalist) & Special Guests w/ Collective Man

7:30pm - Your Move 2017 New Jersey's Modern Dance Festival w/ Ross Sandler

8:00pm - ALEO Productions: The Hoboken Last Waltz 4.0 at Maxwell's Tavern NIGHT 1. See the Hoboken music community come together to re-create The Band's historic Last Waltz concert.

8:00pm - DJ Bobby Trends, Showcase at White Eagle Hall

10:00pm - CC Roots - aka Cecilia Celeste in the front room at Maxwell's Tavern

10:00pm - RUBY & The Soul System at Finnegan's Pub Hoboken

Saturday 11/18
4:00pm - Trad Irish Session at Finnegan's Pub Hoboken

8:00pm - ALEO Productions: The Hoboken Last Waltz 4.0 NIGHT 2

9:30pm - Bozzutostock 2017 at The Hutton

10:00pm - CIRO at Finnegan's Pub Hoboken

Sunday 11/19
3:00pm + 7:00pm - Your Move 2017: New Jersey's Modern Dance Festival

8:30pm - Finnegan's Pub Hoboken Open Mic

Monday 11/20
9:00pm - Gerry Rosenthal & Friends at The Village Pourhouse #12 on 11/20

9:00pm - Bluegrass jam at Finnegan's Pub Hoboken

This Weekend in Music and More 11/9 - 11/13

This Weekend in Music & More!

Thursday 11/9
7:30pm - Heart of Soul Jeffrey David Greenspan + Bobby Syvarth at Northern Soul Kitchen & Bar

9:00pm - Jazz Session at Finnegan's hosted by the Jack Breslin Trio

Friday 11/10
8:30pm - Hey Bulldog returns to Maxwell's Tavern! Playing Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour in their entirety for the 50th anniversary of it's release

9:00pm - The Mountain Goats at White Eagle Hall - Sold Out!

10pm - Vin Mott's RNB live at Finnegan's Pub!

10pm - Gato Loco: Live in the Parlour at Fox and Crow

Saturday 11/11
8pm - One Hundred Thousand Returns to Maxwell's with Special Guests

8pm - Unlimited Breadsticks at DC's Tavern

10pm - Demolition String Band: Live in the Parlour at Fox and Crow

10pm - McGroovr Live in Hoboken! at Finnegan's Pub Hoboken with Case Garrett

Sunday 11/12
9pm - Finnegan's Pub Hoboken open mic

Monday 11/13
9pm - Finnegan's Pub Hoboken bluegrass jam

This Weekend In Music and More 11/2/17 - 11/6/17

10/26/17 - This Weekend In Music & More!

Drive-By Truckers at White Eagle Hall




A look back at Drive-By Truckers / Strand of Oaks

at White Eagle Hall

I got my own way of livin’
But everything gets done
With a southern accent
Where I come from
— "Southern Accents" Tom Petty

'Southern Accents'

A look back at Drive-By Truckers / Strand of Oaks at White Eagle Hall

By Mike Kuzan

Photos by Courtney Collins

Published 10/9/17

Drive-By Truckers and Strand of Oaks performed at White Eagle Hall on October 5, 2017.  The show carried a heavier weight, coming only 4 days after the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival shooting in Las Vegas and 3 days after Tom Petty's death.  Both bands acknowledged the bleak week in music and also celebrated what music and live concerts mean to us all.  White Eagle Hall, while being a relatively new venue, felt warm and receptive to host a night of music when the bands and audience needed it most.  

Drive By Truckers

Like most people I know, I was already having a terrible day Monday. I awoke to news of the worst mass shooting in American history. How do you wrap your head around that? I could lock myself in my room and cry endlessly (and I might yet), but to what end is that beyond personal catharsis, and an empty one at that?
— Patterson Hood

Drive-By Truckers are touring off of their 2016 album "American Band".  "American Band" is a socially and politically charged album driven by the increasing gun violence and racial injustice in America.  The band played the songs with conviction and a resilient attitude towards the increasing realization that very little, if anything, is done in response to another mass shooting in America.  The songs felt like a collective understanding that in times of absolute despair, the music and one another is what we have and what we need.  Patterson Hood (songwriter, singer and guitarist) led the band in two touching tributes to Tom Petty 'The Waiting' and 'Southern Accents'.  It's clear that Tom Petty & The Heartbreaks are a huge influence on Drive-By Truckers.  Patterson Hood penned a poignant, touching tribute to Tom Petty titled: “Like Sonny Liston”: An Appreciation of Tom Petty".  If you are a fan of music, please take a minute to read the appreciation.  

A year or so after that, Petty wrote a satirical song about a musical screwup called “Into the Great Wide Open” which lifted a line — “rebel without a clue” — from a Replacements song (“I’ll Be You”) for the chorus. A case of supreme assholery, but done just right.

I love Tom Petty.
— Patterson Hood

'American Band' Drive By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers Cover "The Waiting" Tom Petty

Non Linear Knitting Photo Gallery: Drive-By Truckers

All photos by CourTney Collins (


Strand of Oaks

Strand of Oaks is the music of Timothy Showalter and is based out of Philadelphia.  

Here is Tim covering a great song.  My Morning Jacket's 'Wonderful' off of 2011's album 'Circuital':

Stand of Oaks were announced as the opening act for the Drive By Truckers tour in June. (Drive-By Truckers and Strand of Oaks announce tour) .   They served as a brilliant opener for the show and the by the end of their set had everyone in WEH paying attention.  Tom Petty was on everyone's mind tonight and Strand of Oaks also paid tribute by covering 'Learning to Fly' off of Petty's 1991 album Into the Great Wide Open

Strand of Oaks covers Tom Petty's 'Learning to Fly'

Non Linear Knitting Photo Gallery: Strand of Oaks

All photos by CourTney Collins (


This Weekend in Music

The Latest Premiere: The Spirits. ' The Perfect U (Messenger) '

The Spirits. 'The Perfect U (Messenger)'

Listen to the first single from The Spirits. 'The Perfect U (Messenger)'

The Spirits. are Matt Mitchell and Gregg Sgarlata.  The duo formed in the summer of 2016 and have been crafting their unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic production.   The lead single is an immediate ear grabber as it quickly builds to a pulsing chorus and keeps you moving the rest of the way.     Gregg explains, "The Perfect U is a journey about self realization. The real you has always, is always, and will always be there if you listen to yourself and go inward. In this song, they are messengers for those who are knowingly or unknowingly trapped inside their own heads; who need a journey inward to find out who they are."


 'The Perfect U (Messenger)' was also remixed by Matt Pelosi.