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The Latest Noise produces music projects including albums, singles, music videos, websites, social media content, mixtapes and more!



Terra Electric - 'Chinese Boys Of Tokyo'

Smile When You Smile


The Latest Noise Podcast with Max and Kuz



  1. Max Feinstein 1/4/18
  2. Liam Brown and the Pounds 1/11/18
  3. Debra Devi 1/18/18
  4. Gerry Rosenthal 1/25/18
  5. Christina Alessi and Jonathan Andrew 2/1/18
  6. Rob Nicholas 2/8/18
  7. Josh Bicknell 2/15/18

*Interviews are released every week and launch with "The Latest Noise: This Week in Music & More" blog post. You can listen to the archived interviews in the Youtube Playlist above. 


The Latest Noise Mixtape

The Latest Noise Mixtape is complied every season and is a snapshot of music sent in by artists during the 'open submission period'. 

To submit a song e-mail include a .wav or .mp3 and album artwork.