Music Projects

The Latest Noise produces music projects including albums, singles, music videos, websites, social media content, mixtapes and more!



  • Smoke and Mirror Routine (production, mixing, social media, website, booking)
  • Kirk & Kuz (production, mixing, social media, booking)
  •  (production, mixing, social media, booking)
  • Terra Electric (production, social media, website, booking)
  • Gerry Rosenthal Music (social media, website)
  • Brendan Hartnett  (production, mixing, social media, booking)
  • Freddie Bourne (production, mixing)
  • Janna Pelle (website)
  • Max Feinstein (TLN podcast, website)
  • ALEO Productions (website)
  • Jack Breslin (mixing)

The Latest Noise Podcast with Max and Kuz


The Latest Noise Podcast is developed by Max Feinstein and Mike Kuzan and takes shape in the form of weekly interviews with musicians and fully produced episodes that come out when they are ready. 


  1. Max Feinstein 1/4/18
  2. Liam Brown and the Pounds 1/11/18
  3. Debra Devi 1/18/18
  4. Gerry Rosenthal 1/25/18
  5. Christina Alessi and Jonathan Andrew 2/1/18

*Interviews are released every week and launch with "The Latest Noise: This Week in Music & More" blog post. You can listen to the archived interviews in the Youtube Playlist above. 


The Latest Noise Mixtape

The Latest Noise Mixtape is complied every season and is a snapshot of music sent in by artists during the 'open submission period'.  The Winter 2018 mixtape will be released on 2/28/18.

*submission period ends: 2/25/18

To submit a song e-mail include a .wav or .mp3 and album artwork.