Bird Brained -

bird brained album art.png
bird brained album art.png

Bird Brained -


Bird Brained

All songs written and recorded by Viktor April-July 2019

*Except for songs 6 and 13 recorded at Silver Horse Sound by John Rocessano

And song 8 recorded by Kuz in his living room. 

Produced by Kuz and Viktor

1. Only a Naive Pioneer Has No Fear

2. Main St.

3. I Got Moths

4. Nomad

5. Army Surplus Jacket

6. Dog Days

7. Pawn Shop Radio

8. Ducky Luck Again

9. Sleep Walk

10. Touchdown Jesus

11. Spanish Tuning

12. Fire Escaped

13. Walking In The Rain

14. Captain Bahaha

15. Lackawanna Roses

16. Put It Apart And Tare It All Together

17. Cricket Ovations

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