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TLN Artist Development Workshop: Managing Yourself as a Musician with Tiphanie Doucet

Tiphanie Doucet is one of the hardest working musicians in Hudson county performing regularly in NYC, Hoboken/JC and her native France and taking her music career in her own hands as her own manager. Tiphanie will guide you through many of the questions you need answers for to build your music career as a songwriter.

Tickets are $20 online on Eventbrite. Or you can attend the workshop as a Latest Noise Artist Development Patreon As a member you'll get access to all of our workshops plus past workshop videos!

Tiphanie will help you answer the following questions:

Do you know you can get money whenever you perform your songs live?
You have your songs on streaming platform, are you sure you are getting all the royalties you deserve?
Do you know that each songs has Royalties for the Songwriter but also for the Publisher? you don't have a publisher? Well you can be your own .
Do you know the difference between a Publisher and a "Sub publisher" ?
Are you ASCAP? BMI?
Do you know these guys can help in your career?
Do you know the difference between all the platforms to release your music on?
Distrokid/ Tunecore/ Cd Baby/ Awal.....
Have you heard of "Songtrust"?
Are you registered on "Sound Exchange" which take care of Digital Royalties?
Digital royalties are fees that service providers such as Pandora, SiriusXM and webcasters are required by law to pay for streaming musical content.
Did you record as a musician on other people record? Is this song streaming on Sirius, Pandora?? Do you know that 5 percent of the performance royalties goes to the musicians and non feature artist ? and if they don't claim it, it goes nowhere?
When releasing
Do you know what is IRSC code? ISCW code?
Do you ever write down a Split Sheet?
Did you send your CD/ release to All Music to get inventory of it ?
Then maybe some social Media or playlisting tips... PR... SEO
Like creating a playlist is good but did you know you have to put there at least 30 songs?
Do you know how many listeners needs to follow the playlist to get report?
Do you really know how to Hashtag in a way you will get more followers?

About Tiphanie Doucet

While working on her single "Lucky Guy" Doucet caught the attention of producer and singer songwriter Simone Felice ( Lumineers, Bat for Lashes, Jade Bird), who also helped Doucet with her upcoming album, Under My Sun. Recorded up in Catskill Mountains, Under My Sun is a bittersweet meditation on love and relationships, echoing the chanteuses of yore that served as Doucet’s inspiration. The songs are in large part an autobiographical portrait of the artist, ranging stylistically from indie, folk and pop sensibilities. The sound is amplified by Felice and David Baron's production, which never feels intrusive, serving as the perfect complement to the singer’s overpowering voice, and interjecting only at key moments of emotional revelation. The album will be released through Awal.