Founded in 2016 by Mike Kuzan, Jersey City-based The Latest Noise is committed to growing the independent music scene in Hudson County, NJ through releases by local artists on its record label, producing concerts to showcase their performances, providing creative services such as music/video production and artist development workshops.


Show Highlights:

7/27/19 - TLN Presents at Wonder Bar (Asbury Park, NJ)

5/30/19 - TLN Presents at Arlene’s Grocery (NYC)

1/18/19 - The Latest Noise at Fox & Crow

11/16/18 - The Latest Noise Presents An ALEOproduction of The Last Waltz at White Eagle Hall (Jersey City, NJ).

5/25/18 - The Latest Noise Presents at The Bowery Electric (NYC)

4/27/18 - The Latest Noise Presents at White Eagle Hall #2 (Jersey City, NJ)

12/1/17 - The Latest Noise Presents at White Eagle Hall (Jersey City, NJ)

1x a Month: The Latest Noise Presents at Finnegan's Irish Pub (Hoboken, NJ)

2016-2017 - 9 quarterly The Latest Noise Live! shows at Maxwell's Tavern (Hoboken, NJ)

Press and Links:

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1 night, 2 locations for top-rate live music in Hudson (Jim Testa, NJ.com / Jersey Journal)

JERSEY CITY SPRING: Friday Night and Tris Sees Encouragement, Consistency & What ‘Could Be’. (Come Here Floyd / Tris McCall)

White Eagle Hall presenting a night of 'local royalty' (NJ.com / Jersey Journal)

The Latest Noise Live! brings lots of local talent to Maxwell's stage (NJ.com / Jersey Journal)

What's the 'Latest Noise'? Find out at Maxwell's (NJ.com / Jersey Journal) 

The Latest Noise at White Eagle Hall


What The Artists Are Saying

“The Latest Noise seems to have its tentacles in everything related to the Hudson County music scene. It is providing developing artists with a chance to perform and connect with like-minded peers, an invaluable resource for those just starting out. Mike Kuzan is a jack of all trades dedicated to the growth of independent artists.” - Brett Altman

"What sets Mike Kuzan and his Latest Noise apart from the usual promoter/organizer isn't just his bold approach to curating and creating music events. There are many promoters who can be similarly daring in their approaches. What truly differentiates Mike is his astonishing ability to so often make his vision succeed. From promotion and marketing, to working first hand on the technical details and support personnel associated with each show, to handpicking and developing a wide range of assorted artists, Mike leaves no stone unturned in his quest to make each and every event he runs the best it possibly can be. His ability to seamlessly integrate the roles of performers, audiences, and venues is strong, and has resulted in the Latest Noise brand becoming a true imprimatur of quality music in Hudson County and beyond." -Brian L

"I have watched Mike Kuzan gather a community together, and work it into a scene welcoming to anyone who wants to be a part of it.  The Latest Noise has invigorated Hudson county music." - Max Feinstein

"Smart, flexible and effective. I’ve worked with TLN on projects ranging from web development to booking gigs to producing events. The approach is always extremely thoughtful and holistic, not just as it relates to my individual projects but also to my entire body of work and how I want to present that to the world. You don’t just work with TLN, you learn an approach and you join a community." - Tom Fishman

"If you are a musician in the Northern Jersey area, if you are a singer-songwriter looking to start playing regular shows, if you are an instrumentalist looking for a band, if you are an absolute beginner just looking to get your sea legs, if you are a veteran who is looking to be immersed in an expanding music community that shows no signs of slowing down: it would be foolish to ignore Mike Kuzan and The Latest Noise.

Kuz loves music. He understands music. He is an ardent supporter of the musicians in our community, believes in our community, and welcomes anyone who shares that love and understanding to come and make music with our community. In the time that I've known him, he has set himself up as one of our pillars. I don't know where the Hoboken/Jersey City music scene will be in a year, two years, or five. But I do know this - I can't see it stagnating; I can't see it doing anything else but growing and developing; and I can't see a future for it that *doesn't* involve Mike Kuzan, The Latest Noise, and all that he has to offer. I'm excited for the things to come. You should be too, and I think you should join us for the ride." Darryl Joo/Project BWQ