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Deaf Rhino Snakeskin Music Video

TLN: Congrats on the Snakeskin music video release, how does it feel to have the first song and video out leading into the release of your album this year?

Deaf Rhino: Good man! Excited and ready to finally put some new music into the world. The production and process was different than anything we've ever done in the past. Not sure if were going to put out a full album at this juncture but we know that these songs are some of the best we've written and recorded. Our producer Joel Hamilton is a highly respected audio phenom and the quality of these recordings is a different level then anything we've released.

TLN: At what point did you decide Snakeskin would be the lead single and music video?

Deaf Rhino: Honestly our producer Joel kind of decided for us. We had our preconceived notions as to what the leads would be. Through pre-production Joel kept coming to this as "The song he would play an A&R person" in that scenario. It covers the basis of Deaf Rhino - groovy with some guitar weight while still having a huge chorus with a catchy melody.
I can assure you that no band is releasing a video that looks or plays like the video for Snakeskin and that is exactly what we were going for.

TLN: Tell us about the team that worked on the music video, what was that process like?

Deaf Rhino: We searched "low budget music videos" on Reddit and reached out to some creative teams that had content up there. From there we sent the folks who responded the song to see what they would come up with. The Film Forge in Columbus, Ohio just had that excitement and creative momentum that you can't fake. After a bunch of story boarding we just had a feeling they were the right team and we put our faith in them.

TLN: Deaf Rhino is playing Maxwell’s on Friday 6/23/17 in support of The Last Internationale. Tell us about this show and opening for TLI?

Deaf Rhino: TLI is a fantastic blues rock band from NYC. Any opportunity to play with bands that are more established then DR on a regional, national or even international level are the shows we work really hard to get involved with. Puts some pressure on us to deliver a great show and lets us see how our stuff hangs with the likes of artists we admire and respect. It's one thing to be a big fish in a small pond. Its another to get invited into the ocean to see if you can swim.

TLN: What can Deaf Rhino fans expect to see new or different in your upcoming shows heading into the album release?

Deaf Rhino: New music and a new show. We've played Maxwell's 10,000,000 times and the core of what we do will always be there, high energy rock and roll. We work to add new elements and twists so that you never see the same show twice, its always better then the last show and hopefully you want to go online and become apart of our network, listen to our music and come back out to the next show....6/29 at Piano's NYC btw.
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